Three reasons
why with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can not cure cancer, even theoretically?
+ Priest John (Vasilevski)

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Three reasons - why with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can not cure cancer, even theoretically?
- WHY The methodology of Shevchenko WINS?

The way of full and final cure is through the Therapy of Shevchenko. This therapy is world famous with this name, but it is achieved by a group of scientists and is recognized by the Official Medical Commission of the Russian Federation in 1997, when a patent of invention № 2075313 (13) C1 has been also issued.
This is the original of the patent and therefore is in Russian:

When someone offers to your friend or relative cancer patient to do
a) operation and/or b) chemo"therapy" - you need to know that it is deadly - and to warn!

That's why some Americans rightfully call the chemotherapy – «kill-him-"therapy"».

I understand that some MDs, nurses and others may try to argue, BUT - the question is:
- How many people did they cured of cancer using their methods?
- Did they cured at least ONE person - fully and finally? let's not chatter tales and fables of “remissions” - I pointed out clearly and precisely: Did they cured at least ONE person fully and finally?

I’m asking insistently a) because this is the most important question (and everything else are stories and chatter) and b) because I, with God's help and with the Therapy of Shevchenko, cured my Mother and many other people - and now they are all alive and they can be contacted – you can talk with them by phone or write emails ...
And all these doctors and nurses did they have cured at least ONE person from cancer - fully and finally, as I cured my Mother and many other people?

The true answer is: NONE!
And not just that they have not cured a single person - but they also can not cure a single person - even theoretically!

- WHY the dominant medicine loses the war on cancer - each and every time?
- WHY the dominant medicine and all those thousands YouTube “methods” cannot cure cancer (any type) even theoretically, even more – they only will even more worsen the patient's condition?
- WHY the Methodology of Shevchenko WINS?

Answer FIRST: Because their methods (surgery, radiation etc) are reductionistic.
But cancer is not a reductionistic phenomenon – it is a holistic phenomenon!
So - every attempt to apply reductionistic methods
to a holistic phenomenon is doomed to failure!
This happens each and every time -
it is impossible to achieve success
even theoretically!
While the Shevchenko methodology is holistic!

To state it more simply – cancer is not a disease of a particular part of the body – not a localized disease. It is a disease of the body as a whole – at a genetic level. And this is a common point that applies to all types of cancer. It is impossible to clean up the whole body by cutting pieces of it and carcinoms. They are many of them – and most of them are invisible!

This is a simple truth! And the MD knows it. Or at least he MUST know it. However I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t know it. There are so many illiterate MDs that kill people – because of their ignorance.  

IF he knows this simple truth - he usually says: “By cutting the tumor – 
we will continue your life– in sofar as you have life."

It's wrong again! Therefore - follows
Answer SECOND:
Not only the methods of the dominant medicine can not cure cancer even theoretically! If you type only two (2) "magic" words in YouTube
"cancer cure"
- then you will "discover" thousands of "methods" out there which promise much and deliver NOTHING!
Why? - Because they all focus on killing cancer cells!
But this is
necrosis - this is cell death by external intervention – like poisoning cells by chemo, like burning cells by radiation, like cutting or piercing cells by surgery – or by biopsy!... Or by other sort of an external intervention…

Any method that kills cancer cells (necrosis), can not cure cancer, even theoretically, but only accelerates the death of the organism - because it activates its defense system = causes the organism to begin to restore those killed cells and to multiply them - and so 
the organism kills itself 
by cancer.
This is 
what I have named The Genetical Biomechanism Of Suicide. So if you need more detailed information – you will find it in my research The Genetical Biomechanism Of Suicide >>> 
And so;
1) NO Medical Doctor can oppose to this research of mine! You can share this info and this challenge which I now make - with ANY Medical Doctor you like! (-:
2) Each and every time the Medical Doctor attempts to cure cancer by killing cancer cells (which, as I said, is necrosis) – he opens a war NOT against cancer (as he thinks), but 
- against the organism itself, 
- against it’s defense system, 
- against the nature. 
This war is LOST  before it begins!   

Only the method of Shevchenko does not kill cancer cells by necrosis! Cancer (each type of malignant cancer) is a holistic phenomenon - and The Therapy of Shevchenko cures it at a genetic level - it 
activates the signal apoptosis (which is a natural death programmed in the genes of the cell). Thus it removes cancer cells in a way that is genetically programmed in the organism itself, that is internal and natural for it – and so the defense system of the organism is not activated to restore the removed cancer cells – and the organism gets cured in its entirety. 
This is the common point, inherent to every type of cancer.

So as I said:
NO Medical Doctor can oppose to this research of mine! This is indisputable truth! Therefore – many Medical Doctors speak of apoptosis! – but they don’t know HOW to achieve it!
Only the method of Shevchenko does it!

THE TRUTH IS WELL KNOWN: NO ONE can cure you with the three methods of the Reductionistic Medicine – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – impossible! EVEN THEORETICALLY!!! Because none of them can remove - the genetic predisposition of the organism to generate cancer cells! And Medical Doctors know that – so NO ONE of them can stand against and tell me: “Fr. John, You are wrong – I CAN do that!”
For yet another confirmation of the authenticity of these two answers - I will quote below  the video where Dr. Peter Glidden explains WHY it is impossible to cure cancer using these methods even theoretically. He says:
Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money  –
The only thing they can achieve – is a remission.
And the remission is in 3% of the times only - that’s US Statistics! – as
Dr. Peter Glidden quotes in the video above. However, when the disease is "awakened" from the remission - death of cancer occurs! So, they cured nothing! And those 3 % of “survivals” – are 100% fake!

However, even if we assume as correct the data of the US official statistics that supposedly in 3% of the cases chemotherapy works – even then, if you hope for remission on the 3% of the cases and use chemo, then this game with statistics – here is what it's like! In the words of the aviation engineer Vitaly Borisovich, who beat cancer with therapy Shevchenko – it’s like you have decided to play Russian roulette with a machine gun:
- you put in the tape 100 bullets, 3 of which do not work
- you put the barrel of the machine gun on your forehead
- and you pull the trigger ...
Here's what it means to put your hope in chemotherapy! ...

Answer THIRD:
- THE TRUTH IS WELL KNOWN: NO ONE can cure you with the three methods of the Reductionistic Medicine – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – impossible! E
BECAUSE: They are NOT designed to cure you!!!
NO, they are NOT designed to cure you - they are designed:

a) to serve the interests of the pharmaceutical business (this is the most profitable business in the world and second in profitability is the business with weapons).

b) to serve the Malthusian program for destruction of 90% of humanity which program is operated primarily by the health-care system. Sic!
Because of this program (US statistics):
- In 1970 - every 10th person on the planet has had cancer
- In 2008 - every third person on the planet has had cancer

- In 2020 - the prognosis is: every second person on the planet to have cancer
Here, however, everyone should note the following thing: Those 50% who will not have cancer does not mean that they will be healthy! Not at all! They will be harmed by many various diseases coming from toxins that are scattered throughout the poisoned world we live in - in the foods, in the soil, in the waters, generally in the surrounding area.

WHICH is the right
way to act?

Answer 1:
 If you have cancer - read the book of Shevchenko and begin the Therapy.
 And if you do not have cancer - do for yourself the prophylactic course of the Therapy!
 this you not only lose nothing (the Therapy has no harmful side effects) - but from this you only gain. This Therapy not only protects you from cancer, but heals various diseases, including those that have not yet shown their symptoms, cures allergies - and generally strengthens the organism in its entirety. Contact us to learn how to properly conduct the therapy/prophylaxis >>>

Answer 2:
- To you, and to every person on the planet is needed detoxification of the organism. Given the many toxins, detoxification has become a necessity for everyone - as oxygen for breathing!

Avail yourself
of the possibilities that the therapeutic and prophylactic Tea of Dr. Miller (or Veloci Tea) provides - of its curative power!

+ Priest John (Vasilevski)

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- WHY 
is the existence of a Universal Cure possible?
ND WHY such Universal Cures are:
The Tea Remedial Prophylaxis of Dr. Miller - and
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2. For more details - to learn:
- WHY 
the methods, or more correctly – THE ATTEMPTS  of the dominant medicine of the treatment of cancer fail completely? WHY it is not possible to achieve the cure of cancer by the ways the dominant medicine is trying to cure it - even theoretically!
- W
HICH is the unfailing KEY with which you can check if one or another method (advertised on the internet or elsewhere) works or not?
WHAT is the first condition that must be met if we want to find a cure for cancer that really cures cancer - DEFINITELY?
Read the following section of Wellness Strategy:
"The Genetical Biomechanism Of Suicide", Priest John (Vasilevski)


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