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Wellness Strategy

Wellness Strategy?


Wellness Strategy is free from the hysterics of the industrial age and is more like many of the health systems of the past, but in fact it was developed in our time by Priest John (Vasilevski) on the basis of the Holistic (Classical) Medicine. It contains:

A Prophylactic Complex 
A Therapeutic Complex
containing the Methodology of N.Shevchenko, the methodology of Dr Miller, the methodology of Fr John LEBEL - Treatment WITHOUT DRUGS, etc.)
The correct healthy way of thinking regarding Health:
- Do not let yourself get sick at all - Protect yourself through Prevention. Everyone can cure themselves and everyone can protect themselves - and it's FREE!

Most importantly: WHAT is in the basis of Wellness Strategy?
- Wellness Strategy primarily teaches about the positive change in the way of thinking regarding health.

In a nutshell
- the positive way of thinking
- in contrast to the negative way of thinking
consists in the following
- No need to wait for the occurrence of the disease and only then to rush to fight it! Better take action in advance and do not allow the emergence of disease altogether. That's it. In a nutshell, indeed.

And now some details - think for
yourself: If we wait for the occurrence of the disease for the manifestation of its symptoms - and only then rush to fight it (which is negative thinking) - then from the time at which it started to act in our organism until the time we realize that (by the manifestation of its symptoms, etc) - it will have inflicted not a little damage on our organism with its noxious action! And we usually find out about the disease precisely because we have perceived the damage caused by it. Why should we allow these lesions? Let's better prevent this evil before it occurs and set as our aim good and perfecting in it!
rule applies as much to our body, the more - to our spirit. But here and now we discuss and apply this rule to the body.

This is the
basics. If more details are needed (and they probably are needed!) it will have to be further read in various supplements - about the Wellness Strategy. In only a few words was until here. The rest in just a few words can not be said.

In the direction of ONCOLOGY Wellness Strategy is directed as a whole against the genetical predisposition of the organism to generate cancer cells.

Wellness Strategy is intended primarily for people who are heirs of parents who have cancer or have a genetic hereditary predisposition to other disease. Also - for every person on the Planet, without exception - when you consider the statistics that every third citizen of the Planet has, or will have cancer in their lifetime.

In the second place Wellness Strategy is for all those people who, having no such protection from cancer, were affected by a cancerous disease. Each such person receives an effective and final cure from cancer, and then gets precise instructions on:
a) HOW to protect themselves from relapse and
b) HOW to secure also their genetic heirs.


he effective cancer cure already exists !
That means: people are dying NOT from cancer any more!
People are dying now:
- from lack of


ven if you do not have
this diagnosis,
the possibility

that you already have cancer (though unmanifested)
or develop it in the future, is
ONE to TWO = 1 to 2  !
1 out of every 3 citizens on the planet
has or will have cancer
in their lifetimes

       Look at this seriously

PREVENT cancer IN TIME - even before it manifest - prevent it with a PROPHYLAXIS
which has been VERIFIED


Fr.John's book Wellness Strategy, God willing, is about to be accomplished soon.
As soon as it is ready it'll be available for download from this site.

To learn in detail – download for free:
- Appendix: How Veneta recovered from cancer and many other diseases!
- Even his dog Dolly father John cured in the same way!
Watch the movie: Live, Dolly! Or - HOW to cure your dog from cancer - finally effectively easily and for free!
(Part 1 and Part 2)




The following sections and documents of the "Wellness Strategy" are of interest mainly to specialists in the field of
- Oncology
- Genetics,
- Microbiology
- Holistic Medicine
- Therapeutic and Preventive Medicine,
- Researchers in these 

1. For more details - to 
find out:
- WHY 
is the existence of a Universal Cure possible?
ND WHY such Universal Cures are:
The Tea Remedial Prophylaxis of Dr. Miller - and
The Therapy of Shevchenko - in its therapeutic and prophylactic versions
Read the following section of Wellness Strategy:
"The Universality", Priest John (Vasilevski)

2. For more details - to learn:
- WHY 
the methods, or more correctly  THE ATTEMPTS  of the dominant medicine of the treatment of cancer fail completely? WHY it is not possible to achieve the cure of cancer by the ways the dominant medicine is trying to cure it - even theoretically!
- W
HICH is the unfailing KEY with which you can check if one or another method (advertised on the internet or elsewhere) works or not?
WHAT is the first condition that must be met if we want to find a cure for cancer that really cures cancer - DEFINITELY?
Read the following section of Wellness Strategy:
"The Genetical Biomechanism Of Suicide", Priest John (Vasilevski)


HOW LONG TIME will we be able
to develop our business in the company Whole Wellness Club, and in any network marketing, and in any paid employment, and generally how long we will be able to buy or to sell?



1. The Tea prophylaxis of
Dr Miller That has a powerful
weight loss effect

2. The prophylaxis based on the Methodology of
N. Shevchenko

et information - in detail and
for free
- about the preventive treatments: the effect of the one and the other prophylaxes - how they work - WHICH one of them to apply depending on the case.

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ven if you do not have
cancer NOW,
the possibility to develop it
in the future, is

to TWO = 1 to 2  !

1 out of every 3 citizens on the planet
has or will have cancer
in their lifetimes 


PREVENT cancer IN TIME - even before it manifest - prevent it with a PROPHYLAXIS
which has been VERIFIED


If you were diagnosed with cancer:
- Do not wait!
Do not panic!

A huge number of people
like you got completely cured and are ALIVE! Be one of them -
and it is FREE!
Start NOW! and

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